DISDOL Finally Delivers That Video I’ve Been Dying to See

This was a really nice surprise — so much of a surprise that, while I’m waiting for somebody else to get their video out into rotation, I damn near overlooked this.

DISDOL, which I believe is how they’re styling the name, period, from now on, brought their updated (amazing) look and small army of a roster to an actual by-god video for “VICTORIA”:

I’m happy for this. Genuinely. DISDOL has a lot of promise, sort of straddling the line between idolmetal and idol metal, if you know what I mean, and I was starting to worry that they weren’t ever going to get around to putting out decent mass media that could get their name more out there.

Instead, we get this, and they’re releasing I believe a full album in a couple of weeks (don’t quote me on it), and they’re even going to be on that Future Standard show that Q’ulle’s on all the time.

Good for you, DISDOL.