The New DAIDAIDAI Sounds Like Exactly What I Want from DAIDAIDAI

That’s right, friends, I’m talking maybe my favorite idol thing from my favorite idol scene, in reverse order the very intense and/or wild collection of misfits in Osaka, and DAIDAIDAI having emerged from that mess all the way back in 2016, carrying on the very unique sonic+idol legacy of Utena Yuki and PSYBOU KANOJO. This I write in dang near ever post about DAIDAIDAI because, damn it all, the history is important and the relationship between excellent ongoing projects must be acknowledged.

Anyway, DAIDAIDAI had, as once might expect after about three years together, a chunk of the membership graduate recently, and with that a simmering down of the old system while things retooled. Or, at least, as I surmise, because if I hadn’t checked in on them this morning, I’d still be unaware of these goings on because that’s what happens when you’re still afraid of the huge info crush of turning your notifications back on! However, yes, the graduation thing, that was known, and so you connect dots when you check in and OH LOOK A NEW THING!

Promising on the art alone!

Well that’s certainly exciting, and terrifying. And we get a preview version via short lyric video!

LISTEN TO THAT! It’s pure DEMON TAPES, with the terrifying implication of far darker and heavier things to come in a full version that, gods be good, will in fact be revealed to us all on or somewhat shortly before the official release date, or MAYBE NOT if they’re taking the whole venue-only thing seriously. Quick, someone put it on an endless loop like that one number of Yuki’s that I love and yes I’ve listened to that hour+ loop multiple times in a row, why do you ask? Yes, friends, this is that vintage-tasting stuff that makes you feel like kicking a hole in reality, or perhaps encountering dark gods on the other side of a reverie gone wrong. Exhilarating.

Oh, and the new members (provisional!) will be joining at the same time as the record drop:

I can’t (and maybe they can’t either) that it’s been three years since this gorgeous project started, and this little refresh feels like the kind of thing that keeps a thing going strong for years afterward. That’s the nice thing about a model like DAIDAIDAI’s — when the idol is more of a delivery method for a mad scientist’s compositions, change is but window dressing. But go ahead and enjoy the last one-man for like half of the old regime!

One thought on “The New DAIDAIDAI Sounds Like Exactly What I Want from DAIDAIDAI

  1. This song does not have that weird thing they have had for some of their tracks where the bass frequencies are just plain missing, which is good.

    Just from the preview i already think is the best DaiDaiDai song in a long while.

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