Bellring Girls Heart: We Hate to Release Things in a Straightforward Way!

You owe me breakfast, Bellheart. I had just finished the final-er touches on the last post about you when there you were on Twitter this morning, all “LOOK AT US AND ALL THE THINGS THAT WE CAN MAKE HAPPEN AT ONCE!”

1. Just, again, Sunday Monday is Moe’s last day with the group. If you get a chance, send her a nice message on Twitter and thank her for three really weird years.

2. Budding singers and/or crow enthusiasts take note: Bellheart is holding auditions!

Trust me. That’s what this says.

3. Oh, did you think that last video was Moechi’s last and probably what they were going to promote the new album with? How silly of you.

I’m a certified BRGH mark, but I can’t think of a song of theirs that’s more beautifully discomfiting. And that’s really one of their strengths, isn’t it? Here they took what could pass for an Enya track, had it played on a de-tuned piano with overlaid horror foley effects, sang it off-key and made the whole thing spellbinding. I’m really looking forward to that new album now —

4. Did you say the new album? The one that’s coming out in a few weeks available for download from Ototoy today? (For real, though, just wait for iTunes or Amazon to get it.)

Cover image for Bellring Girls Shoujo Heart's Beyond album and photobook
What a cover

It’s apparently coming with a photobook, hence the weird shape. Oh! A Bellheart photobook!

/contemplates the meaning of this
//throws self into the maw of infinite despair

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