The Coming Resurrection of Bellring Girls Heart

Or, as the case may be, NOT Bellring Girls Heart:

Yes, friends, the return is already announced, but no longer as the Bellheart we all knew and loved—there’s a new name coming with new members (auditions literally just closed, so Tanaka must know what he’s doing here). I don’t think a new sound is likely, but I do think the black-winged manic schoolgirl approach is going to be out, too. While I’m pleased to know that the world won’t be without some of that manic panic (get it?) for long, it does prove that HELLO WORLD was in fact the end of an era.

Feb. 18. One-man. Hold on to your butts.

6 thoughts on “The Coming Resurrection of Bellring Girls Heart

  1. Good, I’m glad they’re changing the name. Especia underwent a similar process with most of them leaving and then coming back with a change of style, and though I *like* New Especia, I can’t escape thinking about how they used to be and feeling sad. If they had just changed the name I could like them more on their own merits.

    So yeah. Rather than just seeing them as an eviscerated Bellheart, we get to enjoy what come next on its own terms.

  2. If they return as “The Idol Formerly Known As Bellring Girls Heart” I’m going to scream (/゚Д゚)/

  3. A few observations/corrections:

    First, auditions are not yet over, but are still in process. What may be the last on will be held in public on the 10.

    Concerning the “the name will change”, it’s a bit old news it was basically the narrative of the last few weeks (IIRC, it was in the air starting Kanra graduation and “confirmed” before the BABEL encore). Like, all the goal of this was to prepare everyone to this simple truth: the name Beruha will end up in 2016 (after all not illogical given than Mizuho is Beruha).

    I guess it is also why Tanaka refused to have the members coming back on stage for an encore at HELLO WORLD (it was after midnight, so in 2017), even if we called them for at least 30min.
    It also the reason behind all the Herupa thing. Lot of fans where frustrated about not being able to buy ticket for the two 31st live, as it was in fucking O-nest and it 250 people capacity. BellCode was espcially rough, the ticket where sold out in 5min and 20% of them were resold on black market, which caused a bit of an outrage among everyone. HELLO WORLD, annonced one week before was like “come and buy the ticket for our last live at the event that will be held in two hours if you happen to have reservations”, which also wasn’t a sastifying solution, even if it was sort of inevitable given the venue.
    Thusthe idea of doing this Herupa one shot live at the New Year Premium Party, was ,I guess, mainly because it would be the last chance for a lot of people to say goodbye to the members. Which was a good idea given how everyone , both on stage and on the floor, gave their maximum in these last 40min, even after the rythm of those crazy last three weeks.
    The staff sticked pretty hard to the Hellring idea, trying to be carefull to not call the member by their wrong name during the cheki line and stuff.

    In my sense, It’s a bit sad that all these efforts are a bit negated by having Tower Record announcing a release event of Bellring in presence of Ayano, Kai and Kanra on Saturday, but oh well.

    • Oh good, thank you. Yeah, it’s a little bit difficult to follow accurately without the context that you have. Appreciated!

      Also, that news about the release event … that’s terrible!

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