It’s Time to See the New Guso Drop in Action

Poor Saki’s Guso corpse is still warm, and Guso Drop’s out here with their new six-member configuration, blasting holes through the backs of people’s heads like it ain’t no thing at all.

Poor Terry got himself so excited about this one that he just plain forgot how to English

Here’s what looks like most of the show, including some MC time, largely taken from a close enough angle as to be able to tell what Rei had for dinner:

Thanks, Geoff!

I think the Heaviest Idol in the World is going to be just fine.

Fun fact: Banner photo provided by none other than ex-petit pas! member and Strawberry Syndrome bassist Suzu Hinata.

5 thoughts on “It’s Time to See the New Guso Drop in Action

    • Right. Saki is good and cool, but Guso Drop’s music is ultimately a pretty straightforward thing. The personality, yeah, you’ll miss her, but at worst anybody else in that space is going to be different.

  1. Goodness. That is brutal in the best kind of way. Could I sign up for 15 minutes of the six of them screaming at me? I was worried, but I think Gudro is going to be okay, too.

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