It’s Wednesday, Video Is Cool, So Here’s a Bunch More of It

FFS, is it really only Wednesday? I’ve been back at work-work for all of a single shift and I’m already looking ahead to the weekend. Never let the holidays happen, people.

But hey, remember all that stuff from the New Year Premium Party that went out yesterday? There’s more of it here, plus a bunch of stuff from Idol Koushien Monday night that I feel really bad about because I started to record (a bunch of tradol stuff, but also Devil ANTHEM) and then got tired just in time for the interesting things to happen, and then Terry was streaming it but YouTube destroyed him for the trouble so only bits and pieces are left.

This is the result of that misfortune.


Osaka Shunkashuto!


And somehow Idol Koushien closed up with a big ol’ run of WACK:




But where would we be without


They seem a lot more comfortable this time around, huh? Though the way MAINA just kind of lurks and then makes her parts seem effortless … well, she’s the best for a reason. Also, no trace of newness. Harrumph.