The Edge of Goodbye: Bellheart Goes out in Style

Bellring Girls Heart went into dormancy yesterday with their HELLO WORLD live that was streamed live on YouTube and then, after a little while, mercilessly taken away from us, thereby robbing untold dozens of international fans of the opportunity to see idol’s murder of crows go out like only they could.

Good thing for us, then, that Bellheart re-published the video!

That’s not the only gift that Bellheart left us, though.

In addition to their Spine EP, they dropped this final single song, “2SoundDown,” on OTOTOY basically as a finale special:

You can actually download it from here; it includes a lyrics sheet and costs like $1.25, so think about it.

We still don’t really know what the deal is with a future Bellheart, what Kai and ReiRei are going to do, what the auditions will result in, let alone what the follow-on projects for ex-members will be, but this is less a real end than just the end of an era and a great final year for one of the most compellingly strange and beautifully unique efforts in idol.

Even the farewell tweet is eminently upbeat:

UPDATE: Get your tear-makers ready!