Fraud. Failure. Violence? The Friday Fun.

I don’t know why I even bother writing the Funs anymore because clearly they turn out better when I dump it onto one of the other writers!

I genuinely want to read some of these (no Salem, your erotic Watanabe fic isn’t one of them)

Did I already do a festival-themed fun? Oh, I did? It was one of the very first Funs? Well…

But you see, this was a Fun written in a time before we got to see idol festivals for ourselves. A time before great events like East Meets West, Indie Idol and Infamous, and Fyre Festival! Wait, one of those things isn’t like the others.

Well, Fyre Festival sure happened! I’ve watched the Netflix documentary twice, because as you all know from my love of WACK and THE BANANA MONKEYS, I love a good trainwreck and I know you guys do too (why else would those two specific names be the running whipping children of each weekly Fun?) And with a discussion in the Homicidols private chat about “haha, what a disaster Homicidols Fest would be if it happened, right?” I thought that this could be great fun material, especially now with the added context of one of the most talked-about festival failures of all time.

So, I have creatively named the official Homicidols Festival… Fyredol Festival! That’s right!

So, go on and tell us what exactly is going down over at #FyredolFes. Oh, also, Oomori Seiko is totally the Ja Rule in this made-up scenario, just so you’re aware.