Your Homicidols Weekender #118

Dang it, you guys, this was like the lamest idol week in a long time. Not that I noticed — I’d had to very deliberately carve out time on Monday to do the podcast with A-to-J and Derek (see below!), and even that in retrospect felt like a huge mistake not because I didn’t have a good time and a good chat, but because it was a couple of hours that I could have spent on the mountains of work in front of me. Yes, ol’ Maniac was burning quite a bit of the midnight oil this week, to the point that there not being significant releases or MVs out most days was in fact a huge relief, because I could snag just the tiniest bit more sleep.

But am I thankful? Heck no! It can get to be a chore to keep up with everything sometimes — I have other interests! — but I get such a thrill out of the good work done in this business. Days when multiple things all happen at once are exhilarating. And weeks when I can pepper the Weekender with plenty of that stuff are sustaining.

Not this time, though! I mean, quality over quantity, maybe? We’ll survive. And there’s even stuff to blog about now! So waste little time with this dumb ol’ Weekender, throw an idea or two at the Fun, and then look at other things.

Is That a Self-own?

Re: said podcast:

I was talking with a friend the other day about idol stuff and happened to mention ayumikurikamaki and was blessed that this was riding shotgun in their feed at that moment:

Starting to doubt that Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders is ever going to release the full version of this!

Tsutsumi is leaving SAKA-SAMA:

This new one from Up Up Girls is the wrong kind of weird:

I really dig these new Wonder Lander outfits:

PIIIIIIIN slipped out various versions of their new single:

I got more excited than necessary for this STARMARIE thing:

There’s a new one from THE BANANA MONKEYS:

Not that their music isn’t fine and good, but I sometimes leave on these extended REGiNA KiSS spots despite not really following what’s going on:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Minna no Kodomo-chan, which is funny because I decided this two minutes before publishing and also I’m clearly just checking a box on a list, this is not a great Idol in Focus.

Here, the B-side from “cancer” is their Eggs site, so go listen to it:

But really this is why:

Twice as interesting as Babymetal’s been in at least a year!

The new NECRONOMIDOL logo elicited strong feelings in Papermaiden!

And speaking of merch, something something this PassCode jacket:

Here’s a heavy dose of Underbeasty doing their newest single live, with a band:

Have we talked about the SPARK SPEAKER / 969 split single yet?

May Ten Tenko never be taken from us:

Nice little live digest for the mishmash:

Likewise AIBECK:

You’re welcome:

Have a great weekend!