#idolvalentines Are in the Air!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect holiday to be an idol fan, isn’t it? What better way to celebrate idol adoration than to reimagine those ultra-innocuous little slips of paper you handed out in school as meme-esque riffs on the ultimate icons of platonic affection. It’s just too good to pass up, which why we’re once again diving into our #idolvalentines celebration!

I think most of you know the drill, but humor me as I explain it anyway. All you need to do is come up with some cute Valentine’s Day card ideas and share them via twitter with the tag included. The only real rule is that you have good, clean fun and enjoy yourself. You may use whatever creative tools you have at your disposal, it’s all good with us!

And just because Team Homicidols are extra good sports, we’ve got few transparent .png file templates (Just save the images) for you use if you so wish …

Here’s a perfectly minimal but delightful one from Daemon. Slap a pic in there and write something clever!

And naturally Kerrie dished up two classic vintage valentines to run wild with…

And here’s some helpful examples!!!

And by all means, make up your own if you want! And if you don’t feel up to the visual arts, you can can still participate of course. Maybe write a sappy Idol-Valentine-themed poem or something!

Oh, and guess what? It’s only Thursday!!! So come back tomorrow cause we’re following up with Friday Fun! It’s like total back-to-back double whammy goodness. See you over on twitter, and Happy Valentine’s Day!