What the hoc going on with ZOC???

It’s funny, as much of an Oomori Seiko fan as I am, I haven’t paid very close attention to ZOC at all. I don’t know, maybe I need time for the other members to grow on me.

Or maybe I’m just a trash heap with a thirst for juicy drama because this sudden twitter fallout is the most invested I’ve been in their entire couple-weeks long existence.

Things are still a little bit fuzzy right now, but one thing we know for certain is Fin’s gone.

What seemingly started as general twitter weirdness (sudden profile and name change, suspecting tweets) kind of escalated in the past day or so, after Fin sent this tweet suggesting her departure from ZOC, followed by a less than civil reply from groupmate Kanano, of which, judging from the machine translation and what other fans have been saying, can be pretty much summed up as “You betrayed us, you irresponsible bitch, GTFO!”

Well, that doesn’t bode well. Later, members of ZOC appeared on Yaguchi Mari no Kayou The NIGHT where they confirmed Fin’s departure and Kanano tried to hide evidence of her crying in the most amazingly elaborate way ever:


So, why exactly did Fin jump ship? I’ve been seeing varying reasons, from her not taking the group seriously, to her not getting along with members. The most common (and interesting) reason I’ve seen, however, is money. Ever since her predebut days, Fin has spoken openly about her money struggles, having to leave school early in order to get a job that can support her family. And seeing how money was brought up in her Twitter rant, it seems really possible that Fin joined ZOC in hopes that working with someone as big as Oomori Seiko would comfortably fill up her wallet, only to change her mind once she learned that idol salaries usually aren’t that great.

This is all speculation of course, and until we get an official statement we can’t really be certain. But if there’s any truth behind this or not, this is still some pretty sad news and not exactly the best start for a group that’s still very much in its infancy. Let’s at least hope this won’t be the very last we see of Fin, even if she now has to stay at least fifteen feet away from Kanano for her own safety.

UPDATE: Just as this was publishing, Shellz on Twitter kindly started tweeting translations of the situation. Check the replies to see more, but it pretty much confirms what we’ve all been speculating.