Homicidols TV Party Tonight!

Streaming video is marvelous, isn’t it? It’s a completely indispensable resource for us Western idol fans in particular, allowing us to keep up with events and shows that we’d otherwise miss out on, so thank goodness for that. Quite often, following an event I especially wish I had seen, I hit the internet in the days afterward to see if I can find some video, and lo and beyond, often I find what just what I wanted. One thing that’s nice about chika-level idols in particular is that many of these groups have relaxed rules for filming shows. Some groups even have just about nearly every gig uploaded for fans to see. I’ve had a few favorites lately, and I thought I’d share them in one handy place and perhaps help bring something your way that you’ll especially enjoy. It’ll be like a TV PARTY!

First up is Avandoned, the duo who have never failed to make me happy and excited to see what creative endeavors they’ve taken on next. These are the girls who I feel have really broken ground, having elevated to a new sub-sub genre, the Art Idol. Another thing I love about them, they’ve been escaping the usual dark basement club circuit and performing in quirky shops and galleries, attracting crowds out side the usual flock of wota devotees. Avandoned’s relationship with the Vivid Sound label is really striking gold, with a string of vinyl singles that suit the group’s vision perfectly. Avandoned have a new single coming out on October 10th, and they perform the a-side here in this video at the 28:33 mark. It’s another perfect fix of pop-goodness, and they sing like they’re having the time of their lives!

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Tentenko – I Don’t Want the World, I Just Want Your Cat

Tentenko doesn’t always get a lot of mentions here since she, technically, is a former idol and not a current one. What she is, though, is one of the more quietly productive and increasingly significant voices in the Japanese indie music scene and, when she does perform, it is typically alongside the more prominent names in chika idol.

Recently, however, Tentenko has seen a string of buzzworthy events that may indicate the BiS alumna’s first steps towards global conquest and warrant a mention outside of The Weekender.  First was her interview and profile in the mainstream Western media. Sure it was in Vice , and, sure, they played the “weird” card while profiling a Japanese artist, but it was still a substantive and well-researched piece that focused on her music cred.

That article was in the lead up to her first Western album release: a self-titled LP on pink vinyl courtesy of Toothpaste Records.

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