This Is Peak PassCode

I have nothing to add from yesterday, except to say that it’s really good to have PassCode back at tippy-top form. This is an uppercut to the jaw.

If PassCode has ever done a better song, I’d like to hear it so that we can fight about it. If they ever do a better one, heavens help us all, for an impossible thing will have been accomplished and literal pigs will be literally flying.

2 thoughts on “This Is Peak PassCode

  1. I can agree that it is peak Passcode in that i played it like 15 times yesterday to try to force myself to like it but i still could not recall a single riff, melody or beat even if you put a gun to my head. 😛

    It really gave me an encapsulation of my experience Passcode(and their “big brothers” FALILV); Trying to force myself to like them, because i feel like i *should* like them, but it just won’t stick.

    Sorry for venting my frustration in here when you are so positive… 😛

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