The LunaBell Can Get You Right into That Halloween Spirit

Oh, it’s a quieter day in idol? And there’s still a whole huge backlog to get through? Let’s do that!

Last week! It was a lot! Some things I just didn’t get around to; others I deliberately held up for timing reasons. This is one of those, as getting seasonal beats right feels like the least I can do. Remember how Suzu Hinata kicked around a little after petit pas! broke up, and where she landed ultimately involved a solo musical project that, by the standards of how a lot of idols decide to style themselves, was pretty much right on par?

Well, she’s back, and this time it’s to wish you a very happy Halloween!

I’m glad that she’s releasing her song this year at a more appropriate moment, given how last year involved a Christmas song at, like, the exact same time of release

There’s more to Suzu’s story of late, but I won’t get into it here as it seems to be off-topic. Suffice it to say that it’s good to see that The LunaBell is still going, and that there might be something to those demos that she released.