A Homicidol Super Group Has Formed: Meet NATASHA

I still can’t believe this, and I just watched Pour Lui sing “primal.” live while all of the other BiS auditioneers watched like awestruck schoolgirls.

Seriously, brace yourselves. This is like the sum of all fears.

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Before They Were Homicidol: BiSH’s Chitti Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

A fan of BiSH could be forgiven for a bit of nerves (get it?) after what all is happening in the wider world of WACK, but maybe some perspective is in order: BiSH has, in fact, come a very long way. Via the BiSH unofficial fanpage comes this gem:

Chitti in dressing room, 2 years ago, when she was member of the idol group Tsuyogari Sensation

Of course, lest you forget who we’re dealing with and think “oh, idol, she just turned her powers of kawaii to well-manicured chaos,” there’s this from the Captain herself:

I’m a masochist. I really like pain.

And people wonder why we dig this stuff …

Pretty: BiSH’s St. Chitti Singing So Sweetly

A quick little thing found via the BiSH Facebook fan group:

This normally wouldn’t be an anime kind of site, but folks love anime, and idols and anime are like peanut butter and jelly. This is a little like having Joan Jett singing your show’s closing theme, but that’s fine. Good for Chitti.

What’s Going on with BiSH? UPDATED(?)(!!)

It sounds serious, so it could be big. It’s WACK, so it could also be nothing.

It does not feel sincere from the Chichi of blood.
The captain will be demoted.
In Okinawa said that 2 Word redeem is not.
If nothing else it is reversing the 2 letter there. It is very disappointing.

Anybody who can help out, please share what you know (or can infer, etc.).

UPDATE: Oh, I read a little further down the chain. Did she fail to meet her goal in #DiETorDiE? That would make sense.

And per the comment below, whew. At least her battle back to the boss spot probably isn’t going to be anything like POP Saki’s.

And here, via Pure Idol Heart:

The comments are like a snapshot of humanity.