What’s Going on with BiSH? UPDATED(?)(!!)

It sounds serious, so it could be big. It’s WACK, so it could also be nothing.

It does not feel sincere from the Chichi of blood.
The captain will be demoted.
In Okinawa said that 2 Word redeem is not.
If nothing else it is reversing the 2 letter there. It is very disappointing.

Anybody who can help out, please share what you know (or can infer, etc.).

UPDATE: Oh, I read a little further down the chain. Did she fail to meet her goal in #DiETorDiE? That would make sense.

And per the comment below, whew. At least her battle back to the boss spot probably isn’t going to be anything like POP Saki’s.

And here, via Pure Idol Heart:

The comments are like a snapshot of humanity.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going on with BiSH? UPDATED(?)(!!)

  1. Last time I heard, some members of BiSH were doing a diet challenge, “DiET OR DiE”.
    First, it was Hug Me, who basically had to lose weight or else her favourite food, beef tongue, would be fed to her cat.
    After that went well, and Hug Me kept the challenge going a bit longer (her reward being more food), at the end of the challenge, every member weighed themselves, and it turned out Chitti was around the same weight as Hug Me at the beginning of the challenge.

    So a few shows later it was announced that Chitti had been forced into this DiET OR DiE thing, and had to lose a certain amount of weight (and do a 5k run) otherwise she would be demoted.

    So I’m going to make an assumption that Chitti failed to lose enough weight.
    So basically, something that seemed like it started in good fun turned into something kind of douchey I guess.

    Don’t take my word for it though.

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