It is Time to Nominate Your Homicidols Best of the Year for 2023

2023 is drawing to a close and, compared to other recent trips around the sun, it was pretty alright. Especially in regards to alternative, underground and indie idol, the topic most dear to the Homicidol heart: the sheer volume of superb material we saw over the past twelve months was simply overwhelming. My Best of 2023 playlist that I’ve been building all year ended up with 143 songs on it, so I’m having a bit of trouble trying to narrow it down to a few favorites. That why is we here on Team Homicidols turn to you all this time each year.

As always, we desperately need your help in identifying the nominees for consideration for Homicidols’ Best of the Year honors.

It’s the same nominating system as always, so I’m recycling Kerrie’s text from last year which I’m pretty sure she recycled from the year before that:

It’s the same nomination system as previous years, because hell yes, does this system work; we at Team Homicidols have made our secret best-of base lists. The stuff we fall back on if none of YOU guys can agree amongst yourselves. Then we compare ours and your nominations in a complicated-yet-balanced method to create the final shortlist that you’ll vote on. That way, our personal album pick of “Toggy Serenades a Froggy” gets replaced by all you guys who kept nominating “Ichigo Rinahamu Reads the Tanya Turner Wikipedia Page”

You can skip straight to the nomination form, or keep on reading for descriptions of the awards up for grabs this year.

This year’s categories include:

Letdown Of The Year: What disappointed you the most this year? Serious problems, or petty complaints, anything goes as long as it let you down! (Last year’s winner: The NECROMA meltdown)

Surprise Of The Year: What was the most shocking or unexpected (in either a good or bad way) announcement to come out of 2023? (Last year’s winner: Tie – Nonamera rejoins KAQRIYOTERROR & BELLRING Girls Heart Reboots)

Debut Of The Year (Groups): Self-explanatory, out of the new groups formed in 2023, which did you like the most? (Last year’s winner: THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND)

Debut Of The Year (Members and Soloists): Did a group get some particularly endearing new members this year? Or perhaps, a soloist made a particularly impressive debut? This is the category for celebrating individuals. (Last year’s winner: Yurapico solo project)

Reboot Of The Year: Reboot? New System? They are basically the same thing and SO on trend. There is hardly an idol unit out there that hasn’t re-booted a least once in the last year or two. What is your favorite resurrection and or rebrand? (Last year’s winner: BELLRING Girls Heart)

Saddest Disbandment: The faucet of wota tears just never lets up. Which unit disbandment will require the most therapy to get over? (Last year’s winner: Yanakoto Sotto Mute)

Saddest Graduation: Not to mention, the sheer individual talent we lost, both from members leaving groups and soloists announcing their retirements. The world is going to flood with wota tears at this rate. (Last year’s winner: The NECRONOMIDOL trio)

Performance Of The Year: Idols were performing all over the world this year! As Westerners, we have never had more opportunities to see idols performing in our own neighborhoods.  Of all the 2023 performances you witnessed or experienced (in person, online, or via dvd/blu ray) which was the most impressive? (Last year’s winner: Gyuno Fest)

Single Of The Year: This includes digital singles btw (Last year’s winner: “Redo” (MIGMA SHELTER)

B-Side Of The Year: That other song you get on some singles that isn’t as advertised but usually better (Last year’s winner: “Sunrise=Sunset” (MIGMA SHELTER))

EP Of The Year: For the sake of convenience, let’s call anything longer than 4 (non-instrumental) tracks and shorter than 7 an EP. (Last year’s winner: “My Name Is…” (nonamera))

Album Of The Year: And anything longer than 7 tracks goes here! (Last year’s winner: “Ensemble Berserk” (KAQRIYOTERROR))

Music Video Of The Year: Visual treats of the moving kind. (Last year’s winner: “Koumyou Kishi” (Isiliel))

Promotional and Cover Art Of The Year: Visual treats of the still kind (Last year’s winner: “The 8th Farewell” (KOSAME))

Collaboration Of The Year: Sometimes when an idol/artist and another idol/artist love each other very much, a beautiful collab is born. (Last year’s winner: NECRONOMIDOL and Yoko Hamasaki (“Ulthar”))

Funniest Moment: What made you laugh this year? PLANCKSTARS has something of a monopoly on wacky idol chaos, so they get heir own specific category, but there were still plenty of funny moments outside of their weird little world worth mentioning too. (Last year’s winner: Hanako-san dick pic revenge)

Funniest PLANKSTARS Moment: What (Last year’s winner: Puri-chan Does Pron)

Overseas Act Of The Year: While we at Homicidols give the most attention to Japanese idols, there’s plenty of idols and idol-inspired artists all over the world who deserve a nod too. Nominate your favourite non-Japanese act here (Last year’s winner: ERISU (Italy))

Friends Of Homicidols: Acts who deserve recognition despite not getting regular coverage on We’re talking non-idols, ex-idols, idols who don’t fit exactly into what we cover on here, collaborators and anyone else we love round these parts. (Last year’s winner: SARI)

Most Expected To Breakthrough in 2024: Who are you anticipating big things for in 2024? (Last year’s winner: Isiliel)

Song Of The Year: The musical free-for-all, singles, b-sides, album tracks, if it’s classed as a song it counts. (Last year’s winner: “Nyo” (KAQRIYOTERROR))

Idol Of The Year: Which idol made the biggest impact in 2023? (Last year’s winner: Isiliel)

The Nomination Process

To submit your nominations, please fill in the below form before next Friday, December 15th.  A Google sign-in is required to complete the form, but if you don’t do the Google, you can DM your nominations to @homicidols on Twitter or get them to us over on the Homicidols Discord Server.