You Should Add NECRONOMIDOL Vinyl to Your Collection

Update: Now available!

You may have seen this from NECRONOMIDOL:

Yep! The Dark Girls have re-released their NEMESIS album on vinyl through Specific Recordings. That is, the Specific Recordings that’s based in France. That can swing distribution around Europe and the Americas. That … uh …

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And All It Costs Is Your Soul. Possibly Blood. Definitely Sanity.

I have nothing to add. The album is good. If you need more Necronomidol in your life, it just got a little bit easier.

And I’m pretty sure there’s a solar eclipse happening outside right now.

You Can Now See Translated and Romaji-fied Necronomidol Lyrics

Don’t start posting lyrics. You’ll start to succumb to the pressure to keep posting lyrics and then you’ll just be a weird lyrics site and not everybody has translated lyrics and you’ll look like a doofus and don’t post lyrics you’re j

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I Review Things: Necronomidol | “NEMESIS”

Disclaimer: Necronomidol holds a special place in my heart; not only were they one of the first dark idol groups that I came across, they grabbed my attention like few things have since. I’ve been looking forward to the release of NEMESIS ever since before it was announced; a fully fledged Necroma doing big-time studio work.

In terms of how it’s in my hands, a very kind friend sent along a copy. Of the actual CD! It’s very cool and has Sari’s bloody hands on the inside (photography; shipping actual bloody hands is probably illegal).

On to the review!
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Necronomidol’s Album Is Out, but I Still Can’t Listen to It

For a while now in Japan, Necronomidol‘s debut full-length album, Nemesis, has been in stores and for sale and being purchased and listened to by other people who really like Necroma and want them to succeed.

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