You Should Add NECRONOMIDOL Vinyl to Your Collection

Update: Now available!

You may have seen this from NECRONOMIDOL:

Yep! The Dark Girls have re-released their NEMESIS album on vinyl through Specific Recordings. That is, the Specific Recordings that’s based in France. That can swing distribution around Europe and the Americas. That … uh …

Hello, what’s this?

I’m breaking my own image size rules because I did a bad job of cropping these and am lazy

Why– Maniac, is that the Necroma vinyl?

It sure is, Strawman! The good people at Specific were kind enough to provide an advance copy so I could review it. This did necessitate that I pull out the not-at-all-new hi-fi that’s lived in the Room Nobody Enters at Maniac Mansion, but venturing into the Room Nobody Enters was worth it, because I didn’t just want to put my hands on this thing and smell it and write opinions of it — I wanted to listen to the thing and tell you if it’s worth the investment.

But first! More photos.


I love the cover art of NEMESIS, but the back gets me every time, especially blown up in hi-res. The blood pops more, you know? Also, though every member has kind of their thing going on in that photo, there’s a diabolical impishness in Risaki’s face that makes me feel like I know why there’s so much blood. Also, aw, gonna miss you, Karen.


I was long interested in what kind of vinyl this would be pressed onto. One could make a good argument for red (because hell, blood, anger, whatever have you) or white (Lucifer!) … but of course it’s black. Why would you want a Necroma record in any other color?

And what does it sound like?

Remember: The hi-fi I reassembled and swore at the whole time is not in optimal shape. I am also not an audiophile (hence why I didn’t make a personal intervention in this discussion); for the vast majority of life, vinyl records were very much the cool things that my old man had stored in the hundreds in the utility room and I only pulled out so I could listen to Queen and Van Halen in the days before digital downloads and I was spending my limited cash on CDs. I’m a child of the 90s, all right? Even Pearl Jam, in whose anger sweat I would have eagerly bathed as a teenager, couldn’t sway me to give much of a crap about vinyl.

With that being said, holy shit, this record sounds amazing. I gave NEMESIS a pretty good grade when I reviewed it before, mostly dinging it on the re-recordings (as my from chaos born review shows, Necroma in the original is pretty close to perfect as far as I’m concerned); if this were my first time hearing the re-recorded originals, I might walk that opinion back a little.

Basically, I don’t know if the mix was changed with this pressing or if it’s just the difference between listening to an mp3 and, you know, high-fidelity playback, but I really felt the mood of every one of these songs. Like, I’m an enormous mark for “UMR AT-TAWIL,” and I felt like it got even better. I could say the same for “Lamina Maledictum” and “Skulls in the Stars,” too. “Vulture” and “Puella Tenebrarum” both really popped for me. All that blackened-ness, I feel like this is a great medium for it, really helps to show the depth in the sound.

Specific didn’t pay for me to write this — their only request was that I review it — but they may as well have. Buy it to collect, listen to, whatever; it’s worth your money. It goes on sale tomorrow on Specific’s Bandcamp page. It is currently available for order and digital download. And while you’re there, you may notice a few other things of interest (some of which I’ll also be purchasing now that the hi-fi’s put together and boy will Mrs. Maniac be mad!). I’m just saying, get this one while it’s hot because it’s a limited edition and, for the sake of Necroma gaining popularity points outside of Japan, I hope it sells like the dickens.

13 thoughts on “You Should Add NECRONOMIDOL Vinyl to Your Collection

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  2. I am so happy I will be able to purchase this. I saw it for sale in Japan and was thinking “there is one more awesome item I will not be getting.” Now is the time to rejoice.

  3. YES!!!! Love those guys at Specific, have been hoping they’d do a BiSH comp but I’ll definitely be ordering this tomorrow!

  4. If you’re a worthless millennial, but somehow not the kind of millennial that collects LPs, it’s worth noting that Specific has a history of briefly offering new recordings (digitally) for free on Bandcamp. Honestly, I think it might be an error or a quirk of how you post things on Bandcamp, but eagle-eyed followers might be able to snatch up a FLAC copy while they wait for their vinyl to ship.

    The Passepied album is still pay-what-you-want! And HitsuneKaidan, if you feel like you need that in FLAC 😛

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