There’s a Lot More Fest Happening Than Just TIF This Weekend

For all the right reasons, it’s good to be excited about the Tokyo Idol Festival. It’s only going into its (counts on fingers) seventh year, but it’s already becoming a place where stars are kind of born; last year, for instance, Osaka Shunkashuto and PassCode went in as virtual unknowns and walked out with people buzzing about them.

However, while TIF has rather well-embraced a certain flexibility toward sound and attitude in its lineup, it doesn’t have room for everybody, and some of our very favorites either aren’t included or only get a cursory moment on stage. The idol-loving world’s eyes are on Tokyo for those three days, so what’s an indie, underground or under-exposed idol to do?

Fortunately, it’s not only TIF that can be organized for three concurrent days in August, and there are idol entertainment options far more representative of the kind of stuff that we dig happening in the Tokyo area.

First up, the Underground Tokyo Idol Festival. Look at this lineup!

Hey, look, Oyayubi Princess! Great timing!

It’s all at Shinjuku Marz. You can see the schedule here.

And on Sunday, Zepp Tokyo is hosting this absolutely epic-looking thing:

This bonkers live festival at Zepp Tokyo on Aug. 7

Here’s the actual timetable.

There’s probably even more happening — if you know of a big ol’ live event and you can share those details for our fine friends heading to Tokyo or even to somewhere relatively accessible from there, please share in the comments!

5 thoughts on “There’s a Lot More Fest Happening Than Just TIF This Weekend

  1. Well then, since you asked about other events, we’ll bring you up to speed.
    Coming off their headlining performance at the WANGAN Music Carnival this past weekend,alongside special guests, legendary outlaw rockers Yokohama Ginbae (The Crazy Rider Yokohama Ginbae Rolling Special) as well as other site notables as Deathrabbits,Candy Go Go and a host of others,,The Kamen Joshi will appear at the 3 day Fuchu,Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Festival.
    Recognizing many of their latest activities that include vocal,dance and headbanging lessons for the Secretary General and Youth Director of the Democratic Party, Anna Tachibana appointed as Ambassador for the Anti Molestation/Abuse campaign by the Kanagawa Prefecture Police, a visit to the theater by one of the original members of the House Of Representatives and the formation of sub-unit Akiba Kamen to represent the Go Vote campaign for the Japan elections.
    All things combined, clearly, The Masked Ninjas are reaching above and beyond the typical underground music audience and are further expanding their notoriety.

    • In the entertainment “business” it’s not what you know, but who you know. I’m constantly amazed by the creative angles in which Alice Project puts the girls in highly visible situations. Many of these high level connections will eventually pay off. I remember the the look on the Governors face when he first saw them perform. The jaw drop, the gasp,followed by the huge smile and excitement as the fans began to chant.Those types of first impressions never wear off. Maybe when some of that Cool Japan money starts floating around, one of these contacts will say, “I saw this group of pretty girls that wears these masks………………………………….

      • You know whats funny? Look at the line-up for the Live Plus show above, Alice Project is sending in one of the cadet squads and they’re second from the top of the bill. Does that indicate how good they are or how shitty the others are?

        • I wouldn’t worry too much about the schedule for that show. It looks like it’s built in part to accommodate various groups’ schedules as much as anything else; you get all of 15 minutes, you’d better have something else planned, too.

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