Subtlety Is Dead: Welcome Deathdoll to the Party

This is so on the nose, I can’t even snark on it. Deathdoll:

Via Viz via Idolmetal, where you will find more useful information.

First: Music, fine. It’s fine. Good for these girls. Love the zombie walk-up. Good look.

I’m just sitting here and actually kind of stumped about what to say. Like, there are serious philosophical issues at play:

  • Here are idols called Deathdoll
  • It was only a matter of time before something called Deathdoll came into being
  • In fact, it’s more shocking that it took this long for something called Deathdoll to exist
  • This calls into question the very notion of reality
  • Because how could something called Deathdoll not previously exist, as something called Deathdoll is essentially predestined to exist
  • Therefore, Deathdoll has always existed
  • Therefore, these girls are immortal Come for the Japanese girls doing heavy music; stay for the existential crisis.

All of this does make one wonder what happened to the third girl …

3 thoughts on “Subtlety Is Dead: Welcome Deathdoll to the Party

  1. Wow…this is really pretty good. Another band that reminds me of Fruitpochette, both in musical sound (more on the metal side of the genre), and potential for success (given more time and practice that dancing could turn into something really…Q’ulle (^_-) )

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