It’s Called ‘Poison Girl’ and That’s Good Enough for Me

Don’t ask me where and how I first wound up following Production Axcis (that’s a company, not a group) and their Atelier di marionetta (pretty much literally, “dolls factory”*) on Twitter, but I’ve always been kind of confused about it and the two young women associated with it. I even did a search of old stuff on here just to make sure that I hadn’t previously written about them and forgotten it — nope.

So! They just (well, Friday) dropped this full-length MV on YouTube. The song is called “Poison Girl,” and though you’re probably seeing this in the morning, just try to imagine that you’re listening to it on the way to the three-story club that only cards on the first and third levels and mostly plays shit like Prodigy and Chemical Brothers and Skrillex on that coveted second floor, where you’re looking forward to drinking too much and getting stuck in a weird pelvic tangle with two strangers in leather who seem nice enough until they actually invite you back to their place and your brain immediately turns “their place” into “torture chamber” and you hurriedly find your friends and escape. Good night!

Also here are the lyrics:

Nice kind of dark pop rock song! Did you watch Season 5 of American Horror Story? You know Lady Gaga’s Countess character? She’d love this. So would those fictitious people with the sex dungeon.

Here’s more Atelier di marionetta at what looks like the same performance space where Deathdoll debuted. Except AdM’s doing “Gimme Chocolate!!” and how is that even happening.

This one’s called “STORY GO!” and they have lyrics for it, too:

I don’t have a title for that last one, but it’s pretty fun. I also like the normal-looking idols in the background; they’re either impressed, jealous or annoyed.

Here’s an older video with a third member who I can only assume doesn’t appear in the most recent stuff on account of her volunteering for a manned mission to Mars.

There are nice moments in here

I am uncautiously optimistic about this one. AdM, you’re doing good.

*I know very damn well that “marionette” and “doll” are different things; I’m just playing the odds, this being idols and all