It Looks Like GANG PARADE May Lose Another Member

May as well just come right out and say it: GANG PARADE‘s Maaya is almost certainly on the way out:

The official release on the GANG PARADE website could not be more on the nose: We’ve been in discussions, and we’re all deciding that she needs to take a break. To rest.

Like, nothing at all like Ao’s departure. This is terse and probably definitely just some CYA until after their album releases. Which … how dumb! Are they not in the audition process for Ao’s replacement right now? At least she had a sensible reason to be out, the tension between idol and family.

Anyway, this is all dumb. I hate when people leave groups because they’re in a fight with management over something (and it’s always WACK-affiliated, you know?). Yasui Yuhi’s departure from Billie Idle wasn’t quite the same thing, but it left the same distaste. Can’t even blame the BiSwagon this time around, either.

The first draft of this post was so heavily snarkified that I had to pull it back and play it straight; when you’re referring to gnostic philosophical archetypes and Daenerys Targaryen in a single blurb, you’ve gone too far.

UPDATE: Wow, just looked at Saki’s Twitter, and she’s in a very public talking-myself-through-this thing.

4 thoughts on “It Looks Like GANG PARADE May Lose Another Member

  1. Ruthless af. I never like drama, but this kind of sudden departure is the worst. Even Yuffy got a tearful final concert with BiS, and by all accounts she was no friend of Pour Lui’s at that point. They leave the door open for a return with terms like “hiatus” and “rest” but that always means a week or two with no news, then a little one-liner tweet like “oh, she’s gone for good btw.” RIP Maaya.

    Then again, Saki herself had a pretty notable hiatus from the group…

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