Stop Snickering: Babyraids Doing BiSH Precisely 45 Better

I’d been waiting for a good ice-breaker for introducing Babyraids Japan (Twitter) after a particular individual had mentioned them a few times in context, and this is as good as any:

Yep, 69 (ha!) hours of Babyraids Japan. BiSH could only manage 24 and looked like they didn’t have any stamina left. I have absolutely no idea how 69 will work. And I feel like I can’t stop with the sexual innuendo.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, here’s some Babyraids:

Fun! I am alleged to have promised more on them at some point, so … well, it’s almost summer, and they’re basically walking feel-good times (“emotional idolrock” ftw), so I guess the opportunity will eventually present itself.


4 thoughts on “Stop Snickering: Babyraids Doing BiSH Precisely 45 Better

  1. 69 hours?! F*** that! That is a ridiculously long event to put those girls through. I thought the BiSH 24 hour event was too much for them to go through. These idol agencies & management that are making young ladies do these type of events seems kind of abusive to me. Too much!

    • Does anybody want to take a stab at translating from their website? Maybe the format of this madness is more “long series of rotating mini-performances” than “Pheidippides would have probably quit halfway through but he’s dead so WGAF.”

  2. 69 is always good.Although we often go for 72 (The Shocker). That’s how we Maori Tribesmen roll.

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