For the Next 23 Hours, Watch the 24-hour BiSH Party

UPDATE: Some brave soul has uploaded every minute of BiSH 24 to YouTube. Enjoy the latter hours at your own peril.

Because what better way to celebrate your birthday than to cant-stop-wont-stop your way through an endurance event?

Granted, you need a Nicovideo account to watch, but a true BiSH fan stops at nothing to watch their favorite idols’ latest gimmick!

6 thoughts on “For the Next 23 Hours, Watch the 24-hour BiSH Party

  1. Yeah I guess thats a good way to pace themselvse & not get too tired. There’s been some weird moments during this show with their manager Watanabe telling one girl to take off her shoe & then making the other girls smell it & at one point he shoved it in Gumico’s face. There’s also been some weird & creepy camera-work aimed at the girls in odd places. The song performances have great so far but it will be interesting to see how well they do after so many hours. I’ve been following @WACKOI_ but I just now turned on the notifications for them.

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