So Himegami CRISIS Is Awesome

A couple of days ago, folks were all a-flutter about something called “HIMEGAMI CRISIS.” I thought “that sounds vaguely familiar” and went right back to enjoying the delicious apple fritters that I like to make this time of year. Man, did I enjoy those fritters. Have you ever had apple fritters? They’re delicious, and so good in October. I usually go to the orchard/vineyard a few miles from Maniac Mansion and buy a quarter bushel and make all kinds of fritters and donuts and cakes and stuff. The people at Day Job are the real beneficiaries!

Of course, a man cannot be sustained on apple fritters alone, especially not when said man has himself a fancy-schmancy idol website, and I put away the confections for a minute to look into this thing. Why did it sound familiar? Had I once posted about it?

No, but I did once start a draft that I never published! Because as a self-styled dance-and-vocal unit, they technically are not idols! But I’ve never let that stop me before, so let’s pick up from there and see what everybody’s so excited about.


So that’s what was so cool in the first place! What else about HIMEGAMI CRISIS (Twitter) is cool? How about a wild backstory set 175 years in the future when Japan is enslaved by an all-Eurasian republic and two girls, the last remnants of a 700-year-old ninja order, stand to resist the domination and enslavement and apparently mongrelized blood of their people. Okay, that’s actually a little fascist, but I think we’re more in a case of things not being thought through than having racial purity as a hot new trend for idol units.

Anyway! Look at them, all neo-traditional and very comic book and totally cool about the difference between the members being their hair length. I enjoy that original video. What’s the new one like?

I feel a sudden urge to do epic things

They make their worldwide iTunes debut on Nov. 1. May the gods help us all.