A Continuing Study of the Live of Malcolm Mask McLaren

Not tremendously long ago, it felt like the number of people emerging as fans of Malcolm Mask McLaren (or perhaps Malcolm McLaren, if you will) might be the Next Big Idol Fan Thing. They had fun music and everybody seemed to like them! Then what some people took as a weird single happened, Nao graduated, two new members joined, and a lot of the louder voices in support of MMM stopped being so loud.

So maybe some other people can take their place! Here are a couple of just-uploaded live (but pro cut, I think) videos to follow on the last set:

I have a feeling that the biggest live left on their calendar for the year, at the very end of it, a one-man called “refocus”, is going to be, uh, something inaugurating something different-like:

Please don’t change too much, MMM. We like you like this. Like this has done well for you so far. Like this sneakers.