Oh Sure, AIBECK, You Can Come Along, Too

In all seriousness, there was supposed to be a recap/pre-voting Best Of nominations post going up in this very time slot this morning, but it won’t because I’m not done with it yet. It did get me thinking about some things that may have been left out so far, for various reasons, especially around debuts (there were a lot of them!), and one that I kept half-remembering but not so well that I wanted to make some big intervention was (drum roll) AIBECK.

Serendipity thereupon ensued:

May I? As far as idol rock (or, in this case, probably more appropriately and genuinely idorock) goes, it’s fine, but I was expecting a lot more something. Maybe it’s guilt by An’zociation or something, this hankering that I have for something that sounds like “Magical Bloody Stick” or thereabouts. AIBECK is a different thing! They should be regarded on their own merits!

Okay, fine. I like other stuff from AIBECK more than this, even when it’s fairly safe, and wish that their full-on dedication to being fun and totally and completely believing in themselves like a muted powerviolence band would manifest itself in something a little fiercer, is all. The world is lousy with going-through-the-motions idorock units; anybody can do better than that. And AIBECK has!

So, now, duty done, and AIBECK can now officially be back on your radar if you dig their many, many short videos on YouTube.