Necroma Makes It Terrifyingly Real, So Get Planning

Because your soul belongs to Oshi, remember?

Well, friends, the day has (gulp) finally arrived, and NECRONOMIDOL’s arrival on U.S. shores is not only definitely happening, but now thoroughly planned, and also barely a month away. Details are after the jump; first, feast your senses upon this video message from the members:

I understood Himari when she said “America”

This one’s personal, for what it’s worth. I don’t know how many folks read Colin’s old HuffPost piece on the idols set to break through to international audiences (in 2015!), making that heady jump from Babymetal to lots of great other stuff, but my dude even then was repping hard for Necroma, and they were still mere toddlers in the grand scheme of things. I had the same thought, though, that the darkness girls would catch on like a plague if given a chance to do so, and everything about was ultimately about them and a handful of other projects (some of which have only come into existence since!), trying to help to build interest and support and bring them to this country.

Anyway, I could wax idiotic all day and probably will at a later date, but suffice it to say that my soul is as at rest as any soul can be when Sari uses it as a stress ball. John’s got all of the tour details (to date), so give ’em a look over and plan your travel and think to yourself, How much would I like to share a hotel room with Maniac?

Hope you all have been saving your pennies because it is time to spend all that money. Book those hotel rooms, rent those cars and get those plane tickets because NECRONOMIDOL is coming to town. And you know what, they are better than Santa because they are real.

via NECRONOMIDOL US West Coast Tour — Straight From Japan

I’m mad at John for wasting a perfectly good “coming to town” + also-it’s-December pun by not mentioning Satan Claus even once

Now to plan how I’m going to meet Ricky in person and cajole bribe threaten convince him to do the East Coast next. Party at Maniac Mansion!