Shuuengo Buppan with the Friday Morning Pick-me-up

Between graduations and disbandments and horrifying things that have been reported by idols — we’ll get to that part over the weekend — this hasn’t exactly been a great week for this thing that we all love together. And then along comes Shuuengo Buppan, insta-darlings of scenesters back when they debuted, then disbanded, then re-debuted, all because of their infectious sound and high-energy performance. They gave us this one yesterday, and I think we could all enjoy a nice injection of that energy:

I have no idea what this is for, I have no idea why it’s being released now, and I had to wrack my brain and do some searching to figure out what all this extremely fun group has been up to lately (a graduation! sad!). And I don’t care! Listen to that. Appreciate that it’s written by a person who goes by the same name as my favorite type of idol. Listen to it again. Let the video play but pay no attention to anything but the audio. Then watch it all together. Then show it to your friends. “See,” you can say, “there’s a lot of crappy darkness in idol and this has been a week for the ages, but this right here is why I follow this stuff.” And your friend will nod along, notice the manji and then you have an entire other conversation to have, but at least you got it out in the open!

(here’s that graduation thing if you were curious)