It’s Definitely the Good APOKALIPPS for the Week

Man, there aren’t enough idol supergroups. I dig idol collaboration probably more than the next person, especially when they’re just a minute beyond perfect trend congruence and tantalize as much as ultimately disappoint. When those projects become something more permanent, though? It’s pretty cool.

Enter APOKALIPPS, who’ve been together for what, like a year and a half? I call that “more permanent,” seeing as how this is idol and all. A group of indie darlings and chika powerhouses has high potential to be a complete disaster, but they’ve never disappointed. Part of that is that they don’t make a ton of stuff publicly available enough for an outside observer to become disappointed, true, though it’s also easy to manage expectations when you expect little and everything you do get is interesting at minimum.

Anyway, there’s a new MV today, and I’ll be damned if I don’t wish they’d released it a few days earlier so that I could really pun like hell on their name:

“HOBO HOBO PERFECT WOMAN” (because of course) is from their seventh(!) single. Now:

  • Go ahead and raise your hand if you knew that APOKALIPPPS was up to the seventh single
  • Go ahead and giver yourself bonus points if you own the other six
  • And then answer why it is we’ve only ever been on the receiving end for this and one other MV

Seriously, I want so much more of this, and all I get are questions. Who’s in charge here? How is it that they apparently do so much and yet don’t even bother with official live videos and the like? Does their stuff sell well? Are any of these people going to replace Kotao in Avandoned? And on and on.

Nevertheless, now you have extra motivation to pick up something from this weird little supergroup if you haven’t already. In fact, I encourage you! Then you can come back in here and elucidate everybody else.

One thought on “It’s Definitely the Good APOKALIPPS for the Week

  1. Tower Records have them all to order online…but they’re ¥2000 each! If you want all 7, that’s £100/$130 for an album’s worth of music before you even add on proxy fees and shipping.

    Maybe seven of us could club together to buy the lot…

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