A Highly Therapeutic Friday Fun

Is it just me, or do these Friday Funs get so much more traffic when Maniac writes them? Could it be, that he’s a better writer than an illiterate fool like yours truly?

Nah. That can’t be it.


Honestly, you people are brilliant

So. First week of January. The week an idol fan always dreads. Never mind the devastating graduations that were already announced beforehand, early January is prime time for sudden and often gutwrenching graduation and disbandment announcements. And ‘hoo boy, did we get a wave of sadness this week.

Never mind the day I’ve been dreading, the departure of our beloved oshi, the day they I purposefully chose to do housework over checking Twitter as often as possible for minimum sadness (more on that later). Kotao’s farewell is not far off, much to SupremeNothing’s matching levels of misery. Then There There Theres Went Went Went, whatever the hell is going on with Hamidasystem happened. Then the Big Angel meme gremlins, Ton and Ran, jetpacked their way back to heaven just a few days after a certain video pretty much doubled the group’s overseas presence overnight. Saeki is Shuuengone (probably to follow in Haruna’s footsteps and joining WACK). Poor poor Nel Nehru. I could go on and on but it hurts.

So, back to housework to distract myself from a heartbreaking Necroma loss. It didn’t work. I’m still sad. But, I was able to distract myself. Instead of crying over Sari and Hina, I was crying because I found the revolting pile of dust and trash that had built up over a year behind Mr. Weeaboo’s computer desk. Much better! I think? Anyway, after having built up a reputation of “all my oshis graduate suddenly and tragically” the past few years, 2018 especially, I’m finally starting to find ways of coping with oshiloss. 

Normally it involves memes. But what about you guys? I’m sure this week has been hard on you too. How did you cope? If you’re not coping of course, you can take this as an opportunity to find new techniques of dealing with oshiloss. After all, it’s something that every idol fan has to put up with at some point. Even the Babymetal fandom, whom many thought would be immune for as long as the group existed, got their moment late last year.

Come up with ideas for handling with Oshiloss with the hashtag #OshilossCopingTactics, and lets all hope February is kinder to us.