SENANAN Makes Some Life Changing Announcements

Yesterday SENANAN, our favorite unstoppable ball of Monster Ultra Blue-fueled energy, took a break from her 300 active projects to make a few surprise announcements. First, she’s gotten married.

The lucky groom is OFFPACO, drummer for the rapcore group HOTVOX.

During our interview with SENANAN last year, our final exchange was:

Homicidols: What would be your hopes and messages for the Senanan five years in the future?

Senanan: I want to tell my future self, “I hope you’re still super cute and still dress like this!” Also, I hope you get married and have kids. I want to have the same happiness that any regular person would have…

That timeline has now been considerably accelerated as, shortly after announcing her marriage, SENANAN also broke this good news.

This does explain why, a couple weeks ago, she pulled out of her scheduled appearance at Tokyo in Tulsa. How all of this will impact her dozens of other active projects, such as her FREE Wi-Fi NO SEX clothing line, is still being worked out.

We are particularly interested in the future of SUDDENDEATH (formerly Petitmo Ladies) which had just started rotating in Burst Girls (first Yura Pico and then Miyako) as guest vocalists.

 Her pregnancy did get her “fired” from at least one project. Here is the apology video:

Also unknown is how Monster Energy Drink will ever recover from lost sales during the pregnancy.

We here at Homicidols wish SENANAN congratulations, good health and all the best!!

This is the second pregnancy announcement we have seen in in the last two months. If things keep up at this rate, we will be opening the Homicidols Day Care Center soon.