This Is Your Reminder to Listen to Toricago’s Album

So with time a-wastin’ for the physical release of their latest album (their third) (because you could have been streaming it for weeks!), Toricago went the route of prepping us metaphysically by releasing … well, it’s a lyric video. But rather than the industry-standard I-cranked-this-out-on-my-Mac-in-a-couple-of-hours approach, this one does at least have some style to it, and the song’s lovely in its way and yeah I know that there’s going to be more postable stuff from one of the best things about last year’s class of debuts, and soon, but it’s been too long and also this is at least named for one of my favorite personal years, so:

Okay, is it my favorite Toricago thing ever? It is not. Is it a nice bit of bordering-on-idorock that’s redolent with the aromas of notable acts at the upper echelons of the space? It is! Does it inexplicably fill in a break with a tremolo-picked-for-too-long guitar solo that for half a second sounded like the world was going to break? Also yes. Oh and the girls sound, well, like how they usually do.

The album drops in two weeks. Knowing how Toricago do, there’ll probably be at least one appropriately promotional full MV between now and then, or they could hold their cards and then put out something both achingly beautiful and neurally disruptive seven weeks later for no apparent reason. It’s kind of how they roll! And if you haven’t yet picked it up digitally:

Also, the live, that you may embrace them as I have: