Screaming Sixties Previewed a New Song?

Let this be a lesson to you: I am dumb and other people are smart. The answer to the question posed in the title is “No! Gah, learn Japanese!” Scroll down to the comments for actual real true things.

“Say, what is Zekkyou up to these days?” I asked nobody in particular while scrolling through Twitter to avoid listening to my old boss make the same spiel I’ve heard her make roughly 17,000 times. A few clicks later …

The quality isn’t great, but you can hear that “Absolute Funk” is probably as good a time as the rest of Screaming Sixties’ work to date. And it sounds like they’re actually working with even more new material while doing what they always do — touring relentlessly:

Frankly, the world needs more straight-up punk idols. What they did for their last single was a pretty good move, and it can genuinely get better.

6 thoughts on “Screaming Sixties Previewed a New Song?

  1. Uh, that’s Zekkyou Judgement, a Vocaloid Nejishiki produced song they’ve been doing live for at least a year.

    Hamada’s written at the bottom of his tweet “The video has nothing to do with this news.”

    Here’s the original Zekkyou Judgement:

    Here’s Zekkyou doing Judgement 15 months ago:

    And here’s the new song Zettai Reido Funk (Absolute Zero Funk) Vocaloid Version:

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