True Goddesses of Love and War? Judge Aphrodite for Yourself

A lot goes into a name, I feel. At Day Job, we take a lot about “brand promise,” that we create expectations in people and are basically duty-bound to deliver on those expectations, and a lot of that brand promise can be communicated just with a name.

So when you see idols called Aphrodite, I think that paints a bit of a picture (and not the Botticelli, you weirdos). What do we get?

That’s Aphrodite (Twitter). I’m not sure when their actual origin was, but I first came across them via Pure Idol Heart about a year ago and spent a lot of time listening through their Soundcloud to figure out this (at the time) neo-classical alt-EDM … it’s hard to describe, but you can see it if you go back to the origins.

Nowadays, though, they’re doing “dramatic rock” (yes, they are!) and are on a little bit of a tear, as you may have noticed that they’re on a lot of bills these days.

Listen to the whole thing:

Here’s another in the same vein:

Aphrodite’s stuff moves around quite a bit, from alt-rock and grunge to electronica and the kind of post-disco pop music that VH1 used to be powered by. It looks and feels like a deliberate sort of transition over time — they started as a duo, gradol Ninomiya Momo and Chinen Mai (the stars of the video), who did atmospheric, goth-y electronica, but the whole presentation has changed over time. Now they’re up to five members, actually, the website be damned, because they just added Inoue Yume, ex of 969.

Yes, the idol formerly known as Yumeneko.

There’s a lot of good happening here. I think they can keep the name.

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