Revisiting a Friday Fun Phenomenon

How’s it going everyone? Same old? Sure has been for me at least, because (excluding the ones that were announced last year) I just got my first major oshi graduation announcement of 2019! Whoo-hoo?

Speaking of oshis however, you know who hasn’t graduated yet? Former Guso-now-Burst YuraPico, that’s who! In addition, her birthday just happens to be coming up this Sunday! And once again, her birthday event is named #YuraSmile of all things.

Sorry to get on my high horse, but my god, I had no idea of the extent #YuraSmile would grow when it first spawned as a Friday Fun roughly two years ago. Expecting just a couple of funny tweets that would be forgotten about the next week, it instead exploded into a whole huge thing, with Japanese fandom taking over, Guso Drop noticing and even the smiling queen herself adopting it as her personal trademark! It was no doubt the most successful Friday Fun in the history of Homicidols. There’s even official #YuraSmile merchandise now for crying out loud!

So, to commemorate the day Yurapico entered the world, let’s bring it back, shall we?

Well, not so much bring it back, as its still a very active hashtag, but maybe give it an extra bump for good measure. It’s up to you how you use this hashtag; the original method of photoshopping Yura’s beautiful chops onto the weirdest images possible, or the more contemporary method of simply tweeting your favourite Yura Smiles. Be sure to send birthday wishes to @yura_burstgirl ‏while you’re at it!

I shouldn’t even have to remind you to use the #YuraSmile hashtag, but here you go. Best wishes to our favourite Pico, here’s to many more smiles for years to come!