Please Do Continue with What You’re Doing, Cheeky Parade

I still don’t have a whole lot of time to expound on the absolute mysteries of the universe (or idol, whichevs), but I’ve been sitting on this kicking little number for a couple of days and was starting to get concerned for the world that it wasn’t popping up in the usual chatterboxes.

So — Cheeky Parade continue their upward swing toward being way cooler than I ever expected them to be:

This is the kind of thing you get to do when you’re on a big label and have the right material — the song (specifically, they’re song!) isn’t new, it’s not really promoting anything, it’s just a nice, fun, low-cost pro-cut series of shots from lives, telling a story about how gosh-darn fun Cheeky Parade is.

And, like, they keep proving it! Which, woe is all of you poor people, because it’s leading to a hell of a point, and I’m going to write a really long and ponderous thing about it.