Your Best of 2017 Ballot 1

Changed the format of the ballot a little bit, guys, because the results were reporting weirdly and I don’t need it to be any more confusing; everything submitted so far is fine, but you can vote again if it makes you more comfortable, and I’ll honor the second

Hello team! I’m hellaciously busy with Day Job this week, but I’m still tremendously sorry for not starting the voting process for the Best of 2017 until now. Rather than do the three-step routine like we did last year, I’m condensing it down to two ballots over four days, the better to get this wrapped up and winners announced while still on the right timetable.

You guys did a great job of breaking down the very best in loud idol in 2017 — I spent half of the year complaining that it was a lame year compared to 2016, and here we are nonetheless with a really great group of nominees, with some pleasant surprises and (ahem) a couple of interjections by yours truly to make it a little more interesting (and also to have a fuller EP category).


Voting’s closed, thanks for playing!

Match a Maniac Challenge!

Hey, look what I said we were going to do, and then changed my mind!

Sorry team. Upon looking at the nominees vs. my own personal lists for these things, I didn’t feel like it would be even remotely fair to play Match a Maniac again this year. Boo! I’m not even going to try to play the replacement game that I’d like to on account of my wanting to keep the parameters secret and thereby seeming like a skeevy, dishonest hack. So, instead of any kind of game, I’m going to select one person from those who complete both ballots (hence the ask for contact info) and then send that person a very Maniac gift.

Yeah, it’s not as cool as last year’s glut of participation prizes, but I didn’t have the time to try to coordinate a broader effort to get some swag from idol managers, nor will I have the wherewithal to organize a distribution. At least somebody will get something neat!

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  1. So far these ballots haven’t destroyed me as much as some of the others have in the past. I was able to actually take decisive action instead of fighting with myself. There’s still more to go though.

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