Pre-tales from the BURST GIRLS Debut

The post-Guso project calling itself BURST GIRL/S (I can’t get the nomenclature right) is hurtling, dare I say barreling toward its debut, and they’ve been making details known for the last little while. Why do I bring this up now? Because I can and I’m amused, and I want to have more of their tag in my library prior to the actual debut because SEO, bitches!

Anyway! Their Jan. 7 debut show is like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, minus the important-but-heavy-handed racial commentary and sheer magnetism of Sidney Poitier, and in fact nothing like that classic film at all save for my desire to use the title as a device!

That’s a pretty good lineup! Also, what an honor for BBTS and Candye Syrup; it’s not quite stepping up onto a ZEPP stage, but you could ask for much worse exposure to the people who are mostly likely to be your #Fans4Evar. That’s going to be a very loud show!

Also, the Eternal Boss has cottoned up literal #YuraSmile merch, thereby giving Kerrie (and this website!) the greatest possible recognition short of Ricky Wilson going full black metal:


If you happen by the debut, make sure to pick up a few of those buttons, and send some to Kerrie!

One thought on “Pre-tales from the BURST GIRLS Debut

  1. Guso drops demise was heartbreaking. They were one of my first idol discoveries that I really liked.
    Therefore I have very high hopes for Burst Girls, which is possibly a triumph of optimism over reality. They look great and Rin’s already my favorite. She looks like she’s deciding whether to shove the Panda down your throat or batter you to death with it.
    I just hope the music lives up to the image.

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