PassCode’s Major Single Release Details

There are actually a number of awesome idol groups making the jump to major labels lately (and some expected to do so), and PassCode happens to be right near the front of the line. Not a bad two years’ work!

“Miss Unlimited” was announced a few weeks ago, but we finally have details. For instance, this art:

Nobody does cyber-dramatic quite like PassCode

I think the more interesting thing is in the release details (via PassCode Fans): If you buy the regular version, you get a copy of “Miss Unlimited” with “Cry Out” as the B-side (sounds like a Yuna number); if, on the other hand, you opt to go large and get the I’m-made-of-money edition, you get a different B-side (“TRACE”) and a live concert DVD from their VIRTUAL tour. More details here via

The idol business has this make-the-most-of-your-fans’-money thing figured out, huh?

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