You Can’t Stop Me From Calling Them DieDieDie

What do I keep saying about a golden age?DaiDaiDai (Twitter) (Facebook!), which … come on. That’s DieDieDie and everybody knows it and let’s enjoy that because this is loaded with potential.

h/t John on Facebook

“But Maniac,” you complain because you just don’t get enough free stuff around here, “this sounds like just another hard EDM thing.” And maybe you’re right! But!

Consider for a second the following:

We obviously don’t know a whole lot yet, but we do have that snip of music and a date for their debut (it’s November, but they’ll be appearing at things prior to that). We can also (completely reasonably!) infer that they’re going to perform some kind of skull-fracturing clubcore (please).

Get to know the members:

Thanks again, Japan!

*And I don’t mean the pirate idols who just shared a stage with DEEP GIRL.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop Me From Calling Them DieDieDie

  1. If anyone is going to be at either Shinjuku Motion or Meguro Rokumeikan on October 1st, Diadiadia memberswill be handing out webcodes for free music downloads.
    At least that is what the website schedule says.
    By the way, I am that John guy if you were not aware.

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