Parallel Japan Does Not Like to Be Questioned

Remember a few months ago when Babymetal agencymates Perfume released their video for “FLASH” and everybody lost their damn minds? And then remember that fun back-and-forth here a few weeks ago about the relative dance merits of Parallel Japan vs. Babymetal?

It’s about to get weird.

Because Babymetal and Perfume have the same choreographer, see

It’s hard to apples-to-apples the two performances because, you know, Perfume has all the budget on earth to make anything they do look good and Parallel did that in somebody’s empty walk-in closet, but it does kind of anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-about-as-well the routine.

Here’s Parallel in a song of theirs that I feel like I’m hearing for the first time, but I like a lot. It’s like idols played the Whiskey in 1989 and brought some dance-heavy breakdowns with them:

And the debate rages on!