I Am Completely Fascinated by These Women

Thanks again to Viz Major for going into the deepest, darkest recesses of Twitter to provide us all with a little nightmare fuel:


If anything, that post understates what you’re about to see. This puts the demon clowns to shame.

Kanashimi (which is what I will call them because I can remember that) comes from the bowels of the Nagoya performance scene. I see that they don’t necessarily think of themselves as idols, which is fair enough (because god damn), but they do music and other things and are so completely right up my alley that I want to go to Nagoya just to see them do … I don’t know, a freak show or something.

I mean, go through their Twitter feeds. Look at the number of piercings that have happened in the past week alone. It’s … This is like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

And are they actually messed up? They sure are! Here are just two members’ tweets that should make you question the very existence of a just and loving deity:

And so you don’t doubt their spiritual legacy:

Here’s a tiny bit of live video:

It also looks like they do some kind of skit work in their shows?

Which is probably where they’re coming from on the whole “not idol” thing, seeing themselves as performers first and foremost, but it’s ironically also a really idol thing to do, stage acting. Twitter also associates them with this, and … I think it’s time to stop.

Hold me.

8 thoughts on “I Am Completely Fascinated by These Women

  1. I feel this is exactly what the idol world needs. Straight anti-idol core. Snakebite piercings and tattoos and goth punk fashion. Love for reptiles and dark photography. Yeah I am all the way in. 😀

    And a quick glance of the Twitter name has the kanji 喰 which can be jiki or kui. But now that I notice the たべる in the black logo it makes perfect sense. LOL at first I was like “Bell Monster”? Haha thanks for the clarification.

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