KAMO Is Quality Loud Idol

Man, when all of your plans for Sunday go to crap because of Windows updates …

For those of you who are aware of KAMO, who are cool and good, this new song that they’ve added to their repertoire should get you excited:

This is in that Synth de La Eve territory, the exciting kind of loud idol music that should have a random museum dedicated to it, like the museum of inventions down the street from where I used to work — it was about 300 square feet on the inside, but hoo boy did they pack some stuff in there.

Somebody should buy some accessible office space that’s a little off-market (like in Nagoya, say) and then add your average Western wota’s merch collection, plus a bunch of random stuff picked up at clubs in Shibuya, or at KING COBRA. Should it become prohibitively expensive to do so, we can just digiti– hey, wait a minute! YOU GUYS SHOULD BE PAYING ME FOR THIS!