This Is a Little on the Nose, Don’t You Think: Pretty WOMAN

In a total coincidence, we were joking around about idols and porn the other day, and a memory danced over my brain: Hey, what was that thing about the stripper idols that people were going on about the other day; that was some nasty stripper rock they were going with!

Wonder no more!

It’s so sleazy!

That song is “SEXY NOT GUILTY,” and those women are Pretty WOMAN, who I think might actually be actual strippers who are inexplicably locked in with a pretty big company. Hell, you can buy their music on iTunes!

Like, I’ve previously made fun of the likes of Party Rockets GT and Under Beasty and others for putting out songs that sound like they’re made for pole dancing, but this is a whole new level. I mean, they’re basically a stripper theater group, and by “basically” I mean “very possibly, I can’t quite tell, but just look around their website for a minute.” They literally perform in a club (which is on Facebook, ffs), which comes with its very own VIP card thing, so … like the Playboy Club back in the day, I guess, but probably not with the same desperately attempted veneer of respectability and class.

I do try to trend people away from the attraction point of idols most of the time, but I think you can be forgiven in this case — they’re all fully fledged grown-ups, and I’m frankly impressed at their restraint in staying mostly clothed throughout.

Welcome to Monday!

6 thoughts on “This Is a Little on the Nose, Don’t You Think: Pretty WOMAN

  1. LOL, being an idol is barely more reputable that being a stripper to non-fans in Japan anyway.

    Also Ebisu Muscats is with ponycanon, those labels don’t care if it sells.

    • Wait, Muscats is on ponycanyon? I knew that AV was somewhere less stigmatized than your standard Western porn (a few notable exceptions notwithstanding), but I’m trying to imagine the response if a U.S. label of any size launched a group called ViViD or something.

      • I think the response would be “oh they made a girl group with porn stars. OK.”
        Modern western secular pop culture is very sex-positive and i don’t see the religious types holding enough sway to make any difference if they got upset.

        I think there have been Western pop groups made up of porn stars before? I seem to remember something like that, at least…

        One big difference i see is the Japanese system for songwriters makes it easier for novelty groups to hire someone of note to write some decent material.
        The other big difference is Japan has variety shows, Muscats got launched by and still have their own variety show, i think?

        • I can’t say anything about Muscats because I don’t follow them, but man, while I’m sure that the Internet Cool Kids would be perfectly fine, even amused, by a porn star pop group, I can see vast swaths of the United States in full-on hategasm at the very thing (while simultaneously watching their every move and downloading lots of “research” video). Maybe I underestimate people, I don’t know.

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  3. Wonder how well “sexy idol” goes down with ordinary idol fans. As it’s not longer the pure idol image.
    Well Maid Cafe’s have their idol groups. Perhaps its a new trend that stripper clubs have it as well. I guess next up will be hostess club idol units.

    This is kinda terrible that I know some info about Pretty Woman.
    Please somebody kill me…

    The label South To North Records used to have a gravure idol unit called

    But they got signed by a bigger label. Tokyo Torico (Side label for Universal)
    I think I mentioned them before here in a comment.

    I guess South To North Records needed to find a another “sexy” idol unit
    and started to work with Pretty Woman.

    Then here is another idol unit made up of gravure idols:

    There are some other idol units as well that are made up of gravure idols or AV idols. But forgot their names. Perhaps because I’m really not into this kind
    of stuff 🙂

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