Here Are All of the Additional Ways to Honor Our Dark Overlords

Now that the tour is not just official and real and possibly proof that we’ve been living in a Bizarro World dimension for the past year or so, NECRONOMIDOL wants to make very special* connections with you.

The most special of all? Worship and interface from afar!

Like any proper initiatory order, HOBD comes with degrees of membership — and just like the Masons or Scientologists, your degree comes down to how much you’re willing to pay! I don’t think that Ricky would appreciate my organizing a few shared accounts to get full access to all of the goods (which would of course then wind up elsewhere online before you can say “Necroma”), so I’ll refrain from that. It’s more than we get from being an international Ultramarine!

Also, for those of you/us who’ll be taking in Necroma’s black invasion of North America, the VIP ticket info is available. John with the goods:

Hey!! Who wants some information on VIP stuff for the upcoming NECRONOMIDOL US tour? Yes, I am talking to you good concert attendee, you will not want to miss out on these VIP packages. Before we continue a message from the group.


Personally, and no offense to ZEROSHIKI at all (maybe I’ll really like them!), I plan on spending almost all of my meet-and-greet time having Oshi suck the soul from my body.

Also, the LA thing sounds cool as hell; too bad that I’m definitely not going to be at that one!

*One way or another, your lifeless corpse is going to wind up serving as a vehicle for some unspeakable evil to invade our universe, so just grin and go with it

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  1. Speaking of the NSLE “mufan” thing, they appear to have given up on that effort, eh? It’s been many weeks since my inbox has been graced by one of their emails. Was Cococo running the website or what?

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