Oh, So This Is What AIBECK Sounds Like

What a surprising little blessing! I had just been complaining to myself about the sudden lack of new material on it over the last little while (well, idol material — there’s plenty there otherwise), and then a happy confluence: Following a day when a few quick passes at Twitter turned up a genuine interest in how AIBECK was going to turn out, along comes our old pal Pure Idol Heart with, well, what AIBECK sounds like:

Criminintly, that’s just all over the place. And it’s a little uneven — I enjoyed “Emperor” in all its random glory, and “LAKE MAD GO” is pretty solid, and that’s where I’ll stop because I like to keep it positive around here, but this is cool overall. Obviously, the trick is sustainability and replication, and I’d hate to think that An’z is snake-bit, so I’ll just send some additional positive vibes and hope for the best.