A Familiar Face in a Really New Place with AIBECK

There we were, friends, just minding out own business when this guy, this pusher comes out of the shadows and says, “Hey, you guys wanna see some new idols?”

If you know Pure Idol Heart, you know that this is commonplace! It’s why it’s important to make friends, because friends who know more than you or have a 13-hour head start on every day can and will give you referrals that you might never have found on your own because OH LOOK A BUTTERFLY. But that was last week(ish) when PIH first brought up AIBECK (Twitter); John wrote about them before, but I figured that I’d wait until this mythical teaser/trailer thingy came out so as to avoid clogging the lanes.

Oh look, it’s that thing!

AIBECK’s shtick is not having a shtick (which is the same as having a– look, I’m not the one making these declarations, okay?). Anyway, Metallica logo and IDOL iconography desecration … for the win?

“IDOL COUNTER ATTACK”. At least they know what they’re trying to accomplish.

Also: It’s my girl Anzu from Haloperi Doll! An’z was always great for a little Twitter chat (she can English), and she was out in front of one of my first favorite idol things, and I’ve been missing the kind of “no, seriously, metal” work that Haloperi Doll did, and this is such a nice coincidence that I want to start tweeting at An’z mercilessly. I won’t, though, because Homi don’t play that.

May your fortunes be better than others’, AIBECK.

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