Oh Hell, Why Not Just Keep Doing IVOLVE?

From the time that IVOLVE was launched to the first time that I felt moved enough to write anything about them was literal months, I think; months again passed after that moment before they again appeared in this feed. It was a two-fold problem, I think: They didn’t have a blow-out kind of debut, and they weren’t explicitly a loud unit of any particular stripe, either.

On the latter, that still holds true, but the last few months have proven to be good and cool and active ones for IVOLVE, and I had to curb my own worst impulses* to hit the play button when these showed up on Soundcloud the other day. The thing is, I’ve been doing a lot of IVOLVE, and Homicidols Dot Com likes to cast wide nets for all but the most momentous of idol happenings, so would I really want to do more IVOLVE when there are other things on like heavy rotation at the moment?


Because * above and below, I’m not digging too deeply here and just kind of letting it wash over me. It’s fine. I don’t know what release these are from, if any, and Twitter isn’t helping and that’s fine. I’ll appreciate that it exists.

*I am lazy